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All accessories in the world of Going Places, regardless of the materials used, embody the elements we always seek: clean design and style, functionality, practicality, substantial quality and good value.

We carry a wide range of wallets, from sleek and secure antimicrobial undercover neck pouches and waist wallets to fine leathergoods; everything from simple coin holders to elegant leather passport and document cases.

Eagle Creek.  A large variety of undercover money holders, wallets, and shoulder bags with wallet organizers included.

Baggallini.  Assorted coin purses, wallet/bags, and passport wallets.

Bottega Fiorentina.  Italian fine leather artisan wallets for men and women.

Osgoode Marley. Leather wallets.

PacSafe.  Wallets with chains attached.  REIF Protection.

Pelletterie Fiore di Rosi Alessandro.  Italian wallets and coin purses.




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