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Some people can fit all of their personal items in a plastic sandwich bag; others need a train case if not a whole train to carry their personal items.  The world of Going Places has a wall filled with various ways to organize your personal toiletries and cosmetics.

Eagle Creek.  A wide assortment of Pack-It toiletry and cosmetic organizers.

GoToob. Two and three ounce containers for liquids and lotions.

Lewis and Clark.  “Gear up and go” travel clotheslines, Woolite, sink stoppers, pill cases.

Nalgene.  Bottles and jars.

Osgoode Marley.  Leather toiletry kits.

Smiley.  Toothbrush holders.


Karina.  Specialty hair clips made in France.

Paris Presents.  3-ounce bottles, folding brushes, mirrors.



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