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Our Story:
How Going Places Came to Be


Dear Friends:

My husband, Dick Day, and I spent ten months in Florence, Italy, in 1982-1983.  On sabbatical leave from Humboldt State University, he was writing the stories that became When in Florence (Richard Cortez Day, Doubleday Publishers, 1985).  I explored the city almost stone by stone using a well-worn and almost entirely underlined Blue Guide to Florence.  Having fallen in love with that city, we conceived the idea of opening a shop with Italian merchandise as a way to return often to Florence.  So Going Places came to exist in April, 1986.   Janyce's Well-Used Travel Book


Janyce's Well-Used Passport   But maybe the seeds for the idea were planted much earlier.  In 1975, as a 25-year-old clerical worker at the HSU library, I took a leave of absence and headed off on a solitary, five-month odyssey by moped through Europe to Greece.  By the time I returned, I had a much better sense of the world, at least that part of it I had seen, and I learned from experience how valuable books are in opening the big world.


In 1985 it was time to get serious about opening a shop.  Not wanting to put all of my precious little seed money into one crazy plan, I lowered the risk by dividing it into three streams: Italian merchandise; travel accessories; and, of course, books.  Over six months I learned details of business from the Small Business Resource Center, and I did a survey of 100 people, asking them to prioritize their travel needs.  With lists of those needs, I went to three trade shows.  And then I blasted off to Florence with no real business experience, no understanding of the language, and no contacts.  It was a classic case of learning by doing.   When in Florence Novel Cover


Against all odds, it worked.  Dick and I, together or separately, have made many buying trips to Florence since Going Places came to be over 25 years ago.  That city continues to delight our hearts.  Going Places has grown beyond Florence, but Florence is where the idea took root.

I hope you're going places soon.  Janyce

Janyce Nieman, Proprietor
Richard Cortez Day
Sidewalk in Front of Going Places

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