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All accessories in the world of Going Places, regardless of the materials used, embody the elements we always seek: clean design and style, functionality, practicality, substantial quality, and good value.

All of our hats have travel in mind and are judged on their durability, packability, and style.  Above all, they provide protection from sun, rain, and wind. 

Dorfman Pacific.  Supplex trail hats; canvas bucket hats, driving caps, rain hats.

Outdoor Research. GORTEX rainhats; summer hats with UPF protection.

Scala.  Crushable and packable raffia sun hats.

Sunday Afternoons.  A variety of styles:  Adventure hats, Palm Springs sun hats, the Cloudburst rain hat, wool winter hats.

Tilley Endurables.  Lightweight Airflo Hats LTM5 and LTM6, Classically Styled Hemp Hats TH4, wool winter hats.

Woolrich. Collapsible felt winter hats.

Gennaro Gori, S.p.A..  Italian wool berets in a variety of colors.

  Tilley hats

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